Birthday Weekend

millions of peaches

June 7-June 9, 2013

On my desk sits a glass milk bottle housing a simple, lovely bouquet from the weekend.  A vibrant orange Lilly in full bloom, orange Gerbera daisies, and deep pink roses that may have seen better days but are still providing their understated beauty.

It reminds me of the sweet relationships that I have with those in my community – those who live closely with me, but are not my immediate family.  People who see my choices, who pray for things that perhaps even I do not see, who I know have understanding and grace for me because they believe what God believes about me.

It  whispers that I am deeply loved and cared for.

They called for nasty storms this weekend – we prayed for at least one  beautiful day, and got two!  I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes on Saturday, my 26th birthday.  We sat and ate slowly in our pajamas, the door open to welcome morning and let morning welcome us.  I always enjoy breakfasts that end with my cheeks wet with tears, looking over at my husband, realizing all over again that this life is beautiful and it is a gift, always to be thankful for and humbled by.  And there was laughter – lots of laughter.





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