Saturday morning was the last stretch of “workweek” to get through before J and I could be reunited.  After a week of working nights, John was asleep in our bed, tangled in covers and unaffected by my early rising.

A few hours of side work doing some of what I love to do, and I was home, delighted, and in bed again.  We ate a small breakfast and brewed our coffee, sipping slowly as we planned out the day.  Slight smiles and soft speaking back-lit the white comfort of the steam.

We enjoy buying our groceries together.  We went out to the Farmer’s Market and purchased an eggplant, peaches, 2 heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple and German Johnson), fresh eggs, and a $2 pint of blueberries.  We rounded it out with a few Whole Foods selections – salmon, bacon, and prairie bread.

There is nothing like the provision of great food.  It is a shadow of the riches of heaven.


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